New Car Protection Detail

New Car Protection Detail 

New and Luxury Auto Paint Protection for 
The Woodlands, TX & Cypress, TX Area

For all car enthusiasts, the purchase of a new car can be an exciting experience. Here at Dynamic Autoworks Car Care, we want to educate you and help you the consumer to protect your new investment. Many people may wonder why it is necessary to bring in their brand new car for a detail treatment. The truth is, in many cases new cars can have scratches and other types of defects in the factory paint finish. Our new exterior car protection treatment will correct any and all factory paint defects along with a wide selection of sealants and hydrophobic permanent coatings to lock in that finish for years to come and help maintain the value of your new car. We also have a complete line up of interior fabric and leather coatings to preserve and protect all carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl surfaces in your car to keep that new car feeling alive for years to come. If you are concerned about rock chips and scratches, then our Xpel self-healing paint protection film is an excellent option for your new car. Give us a call today so we can discuss your options, whether you are looking for luxury auto paint protection or an interior service. Call today.

Luxury Auto Paint Protection The Woodlands TX

New Car Protection Detail


  • 2 bucket method hand wash
  • Clay bar decontamination
  • Forced air dry system to dry vehicle without scratching the paint
  • Stage 1 Paint correction to remove any factory paint imperfections
  • All wheels and all fender wells are thoroughly cleaned
  • All exterior glass is decontaminated and polished
  • Door jams and trunk jams cleaned
  • All exterior trim is cleaned and conditioned
  • Light interior cleaning
  • Blow out all pockets, vents, under seats, gauges, all cracks and crevices
  • Complete vacuum of all interior carpets and upholstery
  • All vinyl and leather is cleaned thoroughly and conditioned
  • Includes protective paint sealant and wax applied for 4-6 months protection

Cost – $325.00

Suggested Interior and Exterior Protection Options for years of care and assurance against environmental hazards:

  • Xpel Ultimate Film Protection – starting at $295
  • Opti-Coat Interior and Exterior Coatings – starting at $100

Xpel Paint Protection Film
Basic Paint Protection Film Kit

Time required: 2 – 4 hours

Coverage – the first 24 inches of the hood, fenders, side mirrors. This kit contains the Basic essentials for protecting car.

Starting at – $295.00

Complete Paint Protection Film Kit

Time required: 5 – 7 hours

Coverage – the first 24 inches of the hood, fenders, side mirrors, headlights, and complete front bumper coverage. This kit is our most popular kit for new and used car installs.

Starting at – $695.00

Fanatic Paint Protection Film Kit

Time Required: 8 – 10 hours, *Overnight Stay required for curing and final adjustments

Coverage – the entire hood and both front fenders, headlights, full front bumper, and side mirrors. This Kit is most popular with luxury and exotic car owners.

Starting at – $1,600.00

Our Auto Paint Correction in the Houston, TX Area Will Have Your Vehicle Looking Like New!

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