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Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Does your vehicle look hazy, have minor scratches, marring, swirl marks and/or other blemishes on your clear coat?   Have you been told you need a new paint job?  Maybe you don’t.  

A professional paint correction treatment oftentimes will get rid of these nasty imperfections and leave your vehicle looking new again.  Not only will it remove these imperfections, but it can also restore your vehicle’s clear coat, which gives your car that perfect shine.  It is much more cost effective than repainting the entire vehicle and you retain the original factory paint.  

We begin our process by cleaning the vehicle and removing accumulated contaminants and debris with a clay bar.  If needed, we level the clear coat through a process of wet sanding, compound and polish with a Rupes orbital polisher – the best in the business.  We finalize the process by resealing the paint, either with a high-quality sealant at no additional charge or you can add a professional ceramic coating for an additional charge.   Many of our customers consider this the perfect time to protect the new paint finish with a ceramic coating.  Why?  It provides a higher gloss luster and longer protection from environmental hazards and light scratches.  Look under our Paint Protection tab for more details on our ceramic coatings!

We offer 3 different stages of paint correction depending upon how much correction is needed.  Feel free to stop by our shop for a free quote or send pics over to our shop phone and we’ll do our best to provide you with a quote on your vehicle today!

Did You Know:  What Damages Your Vehicle’s Paint and/or Finish?

Bird Droppings  

Due to the highly acidic nature of bird droppings, they can leave behind permanent damage.  When under the sun, droppings can harden and eat away at your paint.  Act quickly to remove the droppings gently with a wet microfiber towel and cleaner.  Do not scrub!  Apply light pressure to not scratch your paint.


Like bird droppings, insect body fluid is highly acidic and can dissolve your paint, and should be removed quickly and gently so the acids do not set into the paint.

Tree Sap

This sticky substance can eat away at your paint’s clear coat and cause staining and etching.  If it is hot outside, this process can be accelerated.  Using either a water solution with rubbing alcohol or a cleaning solution, wet a microfiber cloth and it on top of the affected area. After 15-30 seconds, gently wipe the area until the sap is gone.  You may need to repeat this process several times.  

 Acid Rain/Sprinkler Water/Hard Water Spots

Even after the water evaporates, the acidic material remaining will eat away at your paint, causing damage that can be hard to reverse.  Wash your car regularly to minimize this from happening.  However, this may not always do the trick.  Sometimes they may need to be addressed with a clay bar decontamination process or in more extreme cases, manually buffing the area with an orbital polisher with a finishing compound and polish.  If you ‘re not sure which method is best for your vehicle, give us a call or stop by our shop for a professional evaluation.

Sun Exposure

Harmful UV rays can damage your vehicle’s paint when exposed to extended periods of sun exposure.  In time, the paint can become oxidized and begin to “flake” and “discolor.”  When possible, park your vehicle in a covered area like a garage.

Dirty Rags and Towels

Ensure that your rags and towels are clean and don’t set them or drop them on the ground.  While a rag or towel might feel soft to the touch, it may not be right for your vehicle’s finish.

Always use high quality microfiber mitts and towels and clean them often.  Also, if you have any doubt about them being clean or not, throw them out!  The last thing you want to do when trying to take care of your car is to damage it!

Image by Stefan Rodriguez

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