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Paint Correction

Paint Correction & Repair in the Houston, TX area

Whether your car was recently in an accident or it has developed dents and scratches over the years and needs car scratch repair, our team can help your car’s paint look like new again. It is important to get auto paint repairs to help better protect your car from the elements. While paint is mostly a cosmetic feature of the car, it also acts as a barrier from rain, wind and sun damage. Exposed metal can develop into unwanted rust spots.

This service is a process of restoring all painted surfaces to a better than new condition. This is achieved through a combination of wet-sanding as needed and multiple stages of compounding and polishing to re-level the paint. Once the auto paint has been repaired, it will ensure that when light hits the paint, it will show a perfect reflection. Depending on the condition of the paint, our correction services can take anywhere from 12 – 35 hours. You will have the option of a wide selection of waxes and sealants to choose from. This auto paint repair service includes basic wash and interior detail with a choice of premium waxes. Call Dynamic Autoworks today!

Stage 1 (10-15Hours)

50 - 65% Paint Correction

Stage 2 (15-25Hours)

65 - 85% Paint Correction

Stage 3 (25-35Hours)

75 - 95% Paint Correction

5 Things That Can Ruin Your Vehicle's Paint

Here is a list of five common things that can damage car paint that you might not have thought. Most will require automotive paint repair to be resolved.

Bugs: If bug splatter (which is highly acidic) remains on your vehicle long enough it can eat into and remove the clear layer of protective paint and the basecoat layer of paint. You may need to have touch up paint repairs done if this happens.

Sun Exposure: Excessive sun exposure can cause your vehicle's paint to fade, and darker paint colors like black, red or blue are particularly susceptible to sun damage.

Fingerprints: Fingerprints left on your vehicle could promote the chance for dirt and debris to be ground into the paint, causing damage and chipping. 

Tree Sap: If tree sap to sits on your vehicle for too long, it will eventually break down and wear away the clear coat of paint. This can cause both staining and discoloration.

Water: While you wouldn’t think water could cause lasting damage to your paintwork, these spots are difficult to remove due to the minerals they contain.

Image by Stefan Rodriguez

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