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Window Tinting

Window Tinting in the Houston, TX Area

With performance redefined, its PRIME time. Automotive window tint isn't just about keeping a low profile anymore. XPEL PRIME not only looks cool, it feels cool. It outperforms other types of films to keep you comfortable and protected all backed by the industries only lifetime transferable warranty.


Safe and Color Stability Like Never Before

Protect yourself from 99% harmful cancer causing UV rays & achieve the privacy you desire with PRIME CS, the most color stable window tint film around.


Extreme Performance, Exceptional Quality

Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the line film without breaking the bank.


The Pinnacle of High-Performance Tint

WarrantyOffering 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS combines a cool look with extreme performance. Let PRIME XR PLUS keep you comfortable and protected no matter the weather

Why Do People Tint Their Windows?

Look at the vehicles parked in any lot, garage or street, and you'll lose count of just how many cars, trucks and SUVs have their windows and windshields coated with various degrees of tint. Window tinting is one of the many popular cosmetic upgrades car owners choose to have applied to their vehicles. Drivers may have specific reasons for getting their windows tinted, and unsurprisingly, different types of window tint accomplish these goals. If you're wondering what are the benefits of window tinting, consider the following advantages:

  • Improved vehicle appearance

  • Reduced glare distraction

  • Protection from the sun

  • Improved fuel efficiency

  • Increased safety and security

Depending on which form of window tint you choose, you'll receive unique advantages that enhance the look, performance, comfort and safety of your car.

Tinting Enhances Your Vehicle's Appearance

Perhaps the most readily apparent benefit among the reasons to tint your windows and windshields is that it will instantly enhance the look of your car. Picture the striking contrast of black-tinted windows against a stark white vehicle, or even the ultra-sleek appearance of window tints that accentuate the dark color of your car's paint. From Jeeps and Jaguars to trucks and town cars, any type of vehicle can look sharp with window tinting.


You'll Also Save Energy and Fuel With Window Tinting

There are not many ways to enhance the look of your vehicle while simultaneously improving its performance. Tint, however, is the exception. Because these different types of window film applications can block varying levels of heat, they prevent the interior of your car from increasing in temperature, allowing you to save fuel by using your air conditioning less. Why should you tint your windows? Well, not only will this reduce the amount of energy your car exerts, but it may also help extend the life of your car's air conditioning system.

Window Tinting Protects Your Body From the Sun

No matter where you live, having a bottle of sunscreen on hand during outdoor activities is always a responsible decision. From picnics and playtime in the park to afternoons spent swimming, tanning and enjoying the fresh air, anytime you or your family come in contact with the sun's rays, it's smart to apply sunscreen to areas of skin that get exposure to direct sunlight. Many people don't realize these harmful streams of sunlight can cause bodily damage, even during your daily commute.

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